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Thursday January 29, 2015 - 03:14 AM
Home Nudists of America is a web community for families, couples and singles who enjoy social nudism. Make friends across the United States, network, find out what's on, and all information about naturism in America. Our site contains no pornographic images, as naturism is not about sex. Naturists live life just like everyone else, just without clothes and hang-ups. Have you ever been skinny dipping? Perhaps you are a naturist! Home
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Naturism in America
Home Our website contains many fun features you will not find on many other nudist sites. These features include a chat-room, games arcade, karaoke, forum, recipes and jokes, downloads, nudist articles and nudist videos. You will also have access to our internal message system, comprehensive forum, naturist beach, club and resort information, and much more. We are constantly developing our site to offer as much to members as possible. Home
Home Why do people choose naturism? That is a very hard question to answer for people who have not tried it. How do you explain to people about the freedom and acceptance that comes when you have nothing to hide? How do you convince non-believers about the benefits to personal esteem when you are not afraid to be yourself, and are not judged by others? Naturism is all these things, and much more. It is different things to different people, but to those who have tried it, there is no going back. Home
Home Do you care about the environment and want to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Why not strip off before turning on the airconditioning? Not only do you save on cooling bills, you also save on laundry bills. This not only reduces your consumption of energy, but also the detergents you wash into our water-ways. When you visit a naturist resort, you only have to pack a quarter of the number of clothes, not to mention the unpacking and washing after your trip. You will find you have never relaxed so much, enjoyed yourself so much, or talked so much. Home
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